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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  August 8, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>>. >>carrie: good morning everyone, looking at clear skies and low humidity today, a great beach day. mike woods has all the details in his forecast >>juliet: mother'schilling and emotional message to her daughter's killer. here what karina vetrano's mom had to say, a live report coming up. police investing is subway staffing in morningside heights as a possible hate crime, what
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virus, what's being done in our area and how soon researchers say they could develop a vaccine . >>juliet: good morning everyone, i'm juliet huddy. >>carrie: 5:00 on this monday, august 8. >>juliet: let's get it over to michael woods. saturday was okay. kind of hot. yesterday was beautiful.oday is - >>mike: it's good, yesterday was good too. warm and dry, i loved it and today looks like it's going to be much the same as yesterday so that whole saturday thing we knew wasn't going to be the best of days but in the end we finally got out of the area. here's what we have this monday, clear skies, 73 degrees, dew once you go below 60 you are in a good spot. humidity at 57 percent, winds called and high-pressure in control. other temperatures around the region, philly checked in at 76, 61 in albany, 71 in boston and 62 degrees in buffalo so fairly mild through the northeast in general, tri-state
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pretty quiet weather scenario, we have a few clouds in the area but nothing that's producing any rain. high-pressure in control but every once in a while these areas of high pressure allow cloud cover to pass through but nothing of any significance . here's where we have showers as well as more humidity over the southeast and mid-atlantic regions of the carolinas dealing with showers as a frontal boundary is stalled out and whenever you have a frontal boundary stalled out you start running the risk of showers and storms popping up, especially around that frontal when these areas of low pressure ride by. that's not the case today. today we have high-pressure in control so we keep it clear but we will have that situation in a couple of days so that's why things are going south in a couple of days. 87 degrees is your high, 86 tomorrow and there itis, the rain trying to make a comeback and hanging out for a while, at least the chances of rain. let's bring in ines rosales and see what's going on as problems
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>>ines: monday morning already, the fdr drive construction from the weekend expected to wrap up around 6:00 this morning so now all lanes still closed northbound and southbound between 96 and 60 forced rate. long island commute looking good into nassau county. big problems on the bqe this morning, a tractor-trailer flippedover eastbound as you come off the go on us all the brooklyn tunnel exit, that's the tractor-trailer there, there are injuries involved . fire department and police are there. the right lane getting through at the moment, all northbound. the southbound side, all lanes open. traffic backed up to the prospect on the go on us so we have a little delay as you head toward hamilton avenue. on alexander hamilton bridge looking good in both directions, no problems out at deegan, trains running on or close. >>carrie: powerful and passionate words from the parents of the murdered jogger from queens.
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vetranovowing to find their daughter's killer and vowing justice will be served. liz is in howard beach with the latest . >>reporter: good morning carrie and juliet. pit has been six days since karina vetrano's death and it's been a tough time for police here, still trying to secure any leads as they continue to search thispark. karina's mother has been silent up until last now but she has a chilling message for her daughter's killer . >> the whole entire worldknow piece of filth that you are. the whole world knows that. and soon, i know they're all going to know your face. >>reporter: powerful words from a mother to her daughter's killer. kathy vetrano and her family speaking out for the first time
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saint helen's church for karina's funeral. >> look into my eyes everybody because i'm going to address the coward. whoever you are, whether you are on, whether you are 10, i'm going to just use singular. but i'm here to remind you in case you don't already know that now it's the whole world against you. >>reporter: last tuesday around 5 pm vetrano went jogging in spring creek park but never came home. the 30-year-old speech pathologist was beaten, strangled and raped. her body found 15 feet off the
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appreciation to the nypd for without their help we would have been lost. >>reporter: as police continue their search the nypd offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest, speaker and earbuds recovered at the scene friday and will be tested for dna, hopefully leading to a suspect read karina's heartbroken parents are promising justice. >> you know that my daughter was a force to be reckoned wit . and i guarantee you, i guarantee you. that you will be reckoning with that force not only for the rest of your pathetic life but for the rest of eternity as yo . [bleep] burn in hell. >>reporter: community leaders hosting a meeting tonight to update the public on the latest information regarding this
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that will take place this evening at 7:00 at saint helen's church. live in howard beach, terry and juliet, back over to you. >>juliet: we were talking about dna. there were so many ways they could have gotten dna, something happens with that. we will check back with you in a bit. it is 5:07. a subway staffing could be a crime, it happened on the one train platform at the 110th street and broadway station in morningside heights saturday night. police say an attacker made anti-gay remarks before
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suffered injuries to his chest and torso, taken to the hospital where he is in stable condition police are looking for the attacker. >>carrie: battles burn the giant donald trump sign on the supporters on. scott lehto built the 12 foot tall t, it'd been on the lawn in the castleton quarters neighborhood but someone doused it with gasoline and set it on fire after 1 am yesterday. firefighters rushed to the scene and were able to put it out.ire marshals now investigating that situation and the artist is he will make a new one for the homeowner and says it's going to be huge . >>juliet: let's get to the presidential race. dona t big economic speech today to the prestigious detroit economic he will outline what his campaign manager calls a great economic plan. a new poll shows hillary clinton with a big need a trunk, up eight points in the latest washington post abc poll. it's a margin of error of 3 and a half points, 50 percent of those polled said they would vote for the former secretary of straight eight, 42percent say they are voting for trump area among women 58 percent juice clinton, 35 percent to square trump. >>juliet: it could be some time before we see a vaccine for the zika virus .
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a matter of fact. robert moses joins us with the details. >> good morning. clearly this is not just a florida issue, about four dozen women in our area have the zika virus. the situation is going urgent, there is no doubt doubt about that. that's why one local lawmaker calling on congress to come back from vacation and act. >> today the new york city health department will continue its mosquito eradication brooklyn, the bronx and staten island. there were 491 confirmed zika cases in new york state as of august 3. zika remains a major concern in florida where spring pcontinued yesterday. pregnant women there are on edge.> my one job is to protect this baby. i can't get bit by a mosquito. >> the most beautiful thing is i don't want to have a child who wins up with some of the severe cerebral defects before. >reporter: florida governor
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the cdc issued an unprecedented travel warning and telling women to avoid the wynnewood neighborhood which is north of downtown miami. >> we are doing a very good job of working to get rid of the mosquitoes. there are departments of health at the state and local level doing a goodjob. we had 16 cases, we've been able to reduce the area that we had a concern about by 10 blocks on friday . so we are working hard >> senator chuck schumer says congress isn't working hard enough. he called on congress to pass an emergency $1.9 billion bill to fight zika. >> i am calling on speaker ryan and leader mcconnell to call the congress back just for one day and vote for the zika funding so the trial can continue and within a few months we can have a zika vaccine. >> schumer says without money from congress which is
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meeting of vaccine will be delayed. so far far away as a vaccine? doctor anthony felty, director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases said on the cats roundtable radio show it will be at least two years. >> the earliest we will have a vaccine at best ifeverything works will be sometime in 2018 . >> keep in mind something like 80 percent of people with have it, they don't exhibit any symptoms but clearly pregnant women are the ones are most at risk. their babies can suffer terrible birth defects which can lead to severe developmental problems. juliet and carrie, back to you. >>carrie: that would be very stressful. a lot more coming up on this monday morning, a rod and the yankees reach a deal, his last game will be on friday. hear what he had to say.t was very emotional, his press
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of theforecast . >>mike: forecast looks good again today. we've got a startup temperature of 73 degrees with a mostly on skype,, summarizing just about 50 minutes. it will be warm again, not too humid like yesterday, it wasn't bad but the humidity will make a comeback before long. daily and hourly forecast are on the fox five weather app check it out, we are back in a little bit . keep on savin' all day at dunkin' donuts. double up on delicious with two egg & cheese wake up wraps for $2.
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. >>juliet: this may look like the beautiful butterfly but it is not, it's actually a gigantic gadget snake said mop and its wingspan inches and it was found in china. thank god. the cousin of the butterfly doesn't have a fully developed mouth so it can only survive for about two weeks. interesting. it makes quickly and lays lots of eggs so golly, i guess we will see more of them if we go to china. >>carrie: mike, what do you think of that? a snake said mop, who knew? >>mike: did it say 20 inches? >>juliet: that's my worst nightmare. >>mike: i think they dothis to you on purpose.
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you juliet . >>juliet: it's completely fraudulent. >>mike: here's what we have out there, what to expect on weatherheadlines. another sunny day coming up and this could be another beautiful day like yesterday . humidity making a come back but not until we get to wednesday so we have a couple more days of my stuff and then the humidity comes back and will hang around for a while. i met the messy weather set up will hang around for a while, hopefully things change up but right now looks like it's going to get stagnant. we have a clear sky, 73 degrees, dew point at 50 degrees so it's low and the air is fairly dry. 76 in philly, 73 in dc, 61 in albany and 62 in buffalo with a partly cloudy to clear sky, nothing happening here other than the clouds drifting by in the central and southern sections of new jersey
5:17 am
controller for now and we will have not only mainly clear skies but also the air dry. the moisture down in the southeastern states, not here in the tri-state region. is it coming in the next 48 hours, from today into this evening no. we are still keeping it clear air. tomorrow starts off clear and is going to end up into wednesday, notice the clouds make a come back in a few spots, rain starting to pop up to the northwest, that's happening on wednesday morning. as we head into the afternoon hours coming back over the rest of the tri-state region as well. humidity pumping back up and it looks like we are going to be in a pattern that keeps that weather around for a while from that point forward so mostly sunny today, i temperature up to 87 degrees in the city, mostly clear tonight and lows dropping between 56 and73. a high of 86,there's that humidity hanging out for a while all through the rest of
5:18 am
some days look a little messier than others . in particular friday and saturday now. let's bring in ines rosales and see if anything's gotten better as we had rough spots out there early. >>ines: a lot going on this morning, the rails only thing doing good. flying delta, all flights grounded with an outage so a lot of lines at the airport already. fdr drive, construction until 6 am. this between 61st and 96 street. the southside remains closed. the bqe here, overturned tractor-trailer here northbound near the brooklyn battery tunnel hamilton avenue. right lane getting through but these two lanes closed, a lot of our department activity. let's look at the gowanus over by 38 street. frozen up right now but this
5:19 am
build here as you approach prospect expressway so if you can plan an alternate route, stick with that. as far as the lincoln tunnel, no problems this morning. aim goes for the holland and the george washington bridge. >>carrie: the a-rod area is coming to an end. alex rodriguez fighting back tears after announcing he will play his final game this friday. >>juliet: a lotof people happy about this including the new york post. on page says good riddance. do testing lyons was at the press conference x this is a tough day . i love this game and i love this team. and today i'm saying goodbye to both. >> a very emotional alex rodriguez announced he will play in his final major league game this friday, august 12 before becoming a special advisor and instructor with the yankees. >> i think i can play baseball and you always think you have one more hit andyou or help the team win one more game for sure .that wasn't in the cards. that was the yankeesdecision .
5:20 am
>> a rod's careerwith the yankees which started in 2004 had its ups and downs . the ups, he was a two-time mvp during his tenure and a key member of that 2009 world series championship team but his legacy inpinstripes will always be tarnished with his connection to >> i do want to be remembered as someone who was madly in love with the game of baseball, someone who loves it at every level and i'm hopefully going to be remembered as someone who tripped and fell a lotutremembe about him?> how much he loved this game and how much he
5:21 am
the press conference about the remainder of a-rod's contract which runs through the 2017 season. >> he gets everything he deserves. the contract he negotiated in full force. >> duke castiglione, fox news. >>juliet: you think he said that gritting his teeth? >>carrie: a lot more coming up. >>juliet: it is about to get a lot harder for teenagers to slope e cigarettes area we will tell you about the new rules
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new federal regulations coming to the tobacco industry. the fda tobacco product regulations will extend to include all any and all sale of these products will be prohibited. before this rule there was no federal law prohibiting sales to people under 18. the fda says this role will have little effect on adult. >>carrie: blocker and a whole cogan reportedly in settlements, the company lost a 480 million invasion of privacy case against the wrestler for releasing a sex tape area the company has since filed for bankruptcy. the talks, week before blocker is auctioned off area proceeds of the sale will go toward paying the company's death, most of which them from the
5:26 am
investment.he retailer expected to announce today is buying for $3 billion. this would be the largest ever sale of an e-commerce site. get started two years ago and has yet to start a profit but experts say the two companies need each other if they are to compete with amazon. you have bunny ranch might be back on the market. how wonderful. >>carrie: wonderful for somebody that's looking to buy it. $110 million deal to buy the playboy mansion has now fallen through because the buyer wants an unre structure which would have interfered with hefner's life area and a rep for the 32-year-old ir claims the deal is still on so a discrepancy there . >>juliet: 32 years old is the buyer. back in june playboy parent company agreed to sell the company with the stipulation the 90-year-old hefner would be allowed to leave live there until his death. >>carrie: this to 32-year-old can handle hanging out and waiting?e's got to get in there? he probably wants to be invited to the parties. >>juliet: i wonder why hefner
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more details on that one . >>juliet: we have your top stories when we comeback area . >>carrie: 5:47. i know you! [laughs]
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>>carrie: good morning everyone, cool and comfortable start to ourmonday with temperatures heading into the upper 80s . mike has your forecast weekend looking kind of met at this point in time, we will see. young woman joined or murdered in howard beach speak out for the first time and sending a strong message to the person who killed their daughter, that story coming up . >>carrie: quite powerful and the tragedy at the tallest waterslide in the world, investigators trying to figure out how this boy died on the 17 story attraction. >>juliet: if you are flying delta today make sure you call ahead, computer outage causing problems around the world.
5:31 am
drew. >>juliet: i'm juliet huddy, it is august 8, did you have a nice weekend? good weekend, i had a bachelorette party for one of my friends. >>carrie: very nice >>juliet: we had a nice time at the winery. >>mike: you bounced around out there. >>juliet: we did, beautiful . >>mike: i like the northport. it was hot. did you get the storms to? >>juliet: we missed them. we left in the afternoon. >>mike: they did come through. we just dodged it so there you go. let's out there. you know what the good news is, after the storms moved by we break in terms of the humidity out of the picture for at least a little while. yesterday was beautiful and we got a nice one out there today, 73 degrees at central park and the viewpoints at 57 degrees, that's a loan number with mainly clear skies at central park but throughout the northeast in general it's mostly clear, a few clouds over the southern and central sections of new jersey.
5:32 am
buffalo. here's what we see with the satellite, you see what we are talking about with the clouds out there, they are clouds of no consequence because they are not producing any rain and not even going to block out the su . it will filter it a little bit but that's it. you're going to see more son than anything today and it's still on the dryer side so what you will see is our temperatures climbing back up to 83 by midday and a high of 87 degrees and as we go through the next five days but not so much on wednesday, that's when humidity is making a comeback and your shower chances arepicking up from wednesday on. let's bring in ynez rosales and see if we have anything popping up , a lot going on with the airlines. >>ines: let's talk about the bqe. big accident there from the
5:33 am
tipped over by the brooklyn battery exit, that right lane getting through but traffic backed up to 38 street on the gowanus so far this morning. you see the pre-police activity,southbound side not affected with this accident on the northbound side. train doing great, no problem with that, e on a close. terry and juliet, you will tell us about delta . >>carrie: delta airlines grounded all its flights due to a computer outage . >>juliet: flight operating normally butthose waiting to board are being delayed this morning several passengers posted on twitter reporting problems with check-in and boarding. and on to delta responded that its system was down everywhere . it hasreplied to some passengers saying the airline hope the outage will be fixed soon. we will keep keep an eye on this story. >>juliet: traveling is so
5:34 am
powerful and passionate words from the parents of a murdered woman from queens . >>carrie: and kathy vetrano vallen to find their daughter's killer and that justicewill be served area we are live in howard beach with the latest and liz, this was an emotional message . >>reporter: it was. it was difficult to hear because the mother had been silent up until now but she had a very clear message and it's now in six days since vetrano's body was found at spring creek park and the nypd mobile command center is still set up here, looking tirelessly forclues that could lead them to a suspected and again, karina's mother has a clear message for that person. >> the whole entire world knows what a pathetic, puny , weak piece of filth that you are. the whole world.
5:35 am
whether you are on,whether you are 10, i'm going to just use singular . i'm here to remind you you don't already know that now it's the whole entire world against you.
5:36 am
spring creek park but never came home. the 30-year-old speech pathologist was beaten, strangled and raped, her body found 15 feet off the trail by investigators and her father i give great thanks and appreciation to the nypd for without their help we would have been lost. >>reporter: as police continue their search, the nypd offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. a speaker and earbuds recovered at the scene friday and will be tested for dna karina's broken parents are promising justice >> you know that my daughter was a force to be reckoned with. and i guarantee you , i guarantee you , [bleep] that you will be recognizing with that force not only for the rest of your pathetic life but for the rest of eternity as you. [bleep] burn in hell. >>carrie: elected officials
5:37 am
know a little bit more about this investigation, where it stands right now. that meeting will take place tonight at 7:00 at st. helens catholic church. live in howard beach, juliet, back to you. >>juliet: every time i see this dory that you are airing it's just riveting, it gives you chills area will check back in a little bit. a day of fun turned tragic after a 10-year-old boy died at a waterpark in kansas, this happened at the schlitterbahn waterpark in kansas city. caleb schwab was the son of the state lawmaker, it was state lawmakers theyso all these lawmakers to get in free. the little boy writing the world largest water slide, it is a 168 foot high line called the verruckt which is german for crazy or insane.
5:38 am
miles per hour. >> we honestly don't know what happened . a full investigation is necessary, we have to understand what happened. >>juliet: last week usa today named the verruckt one of the best water rides in the country, the park will be closed today. >>carrie: the fashion model who made headlines after strutting naked through times square is speaking out about his meltdown. clinton mclean wrote an article asking for people with mental illness to be treated with more compassion. he says on june 30 sending him subliminal messages and the officers in blue uniforms looked evil. he lost his modeling deal after the accident area he's been diagnosed as bipolar and prosecutors say they will drop charges if he stays out of trouble. he says he is sharing his experiences to educatepeople about mental illness . it could be sometime before we see a vaccine for the zika virus. >>juliet: let's talk about this with robert moses, he joins us in studio.
5:39 am
in the zika forest of uganda, it became an issue last year and the situation is now increasingly urgent. senator chuck schumer says congress must return from vacation if only for a day and act. >> today the new york city health department will continue its mosquito eradication efforts in parts of queens, brooklyn, bronx and staten island red a 491 confirmed zika cases in new york state as of august 3. concern in florida where spraying continued yesterday. pregnant women there are on edge.> my one job is to protect this baby. i can't get bit by a mosquito. >> the most fearful thing is i don't have a child that ends up with some of the severe cerebral defects. >> florida's governor rick scott says the state is making headway. last week the cdc issued an unprecedented travel warning telling pregnantwomen or women planning to get pregnant to
5:40 am
downtown miami . >> we are doing a very good job of working to get rid of the mosquitoes. there are department of health at the state of local level doing a good job. we have 16 cases. we've been able to reduce the area we had a concern about by 10 blocks on friday. so we are working hard. >> senator chuck schumer says congress isn't working hard enough. he called on to fight zika i am calling on speaker ryan and leader mcconnell to call the congress back, just for one day and vote for the zika funding so the trial can continue and within a few months we can have a zika vaccine schumer says without money fromcongress which is currently in recess, clinical trials cannot go forward meeting of vaccine will be delayed .
5:41 am
doctor anthony felty, director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases said on the cats roundtable radio show it will be at least two years. >> the earliest we will have a vaccine at best ifeverything works will be sometime in 2018 . >> doctor felty was asked on that radio program ifyou would allow his family to travel to brazil which we know has been hit hard by this virus . he said if any of his three daughters was pregnant, possibly pregnant or planning to get pregnant he would not allow them to go there area carrie and juliet, back to you >>carrie: a lot of people feel that way about miami right now as well. >>juliet: let's get it over to mike, it is going to be a beautiful day it sounds like? >>mike: just like yesterday. sunny skies, slightly above normal temperatures and that's what we see today, mostly sunny, warm day out there and also the humidity is not a
5:42 am
will be making a comeback as we head toward wednesday and from that point forward it looks like the humidity is here. temperatures even, a bit and we got a unsettled weather pattern coming as we had to the second half of the week and into the weekend. not looking so great but we got a great start to the week. 73 degrees at central park, 76 in philly, 52 in buffalo with a partly cloudy to mainly clear sky. guys starting to brighten up for you but the sun is not up until 6:00 this morning but we do have a beautiful day coming up with high pressure in control. it will be a repeat of what we had yesterday, i humid, no stores today or tomorrow but there will be some as we head into wednesday, thursday and friday. a frontal boundary will be on top of us. the fox five weather app, download it on the itunes store or google play store and you are all set. let's bring you over to ines rosales. plenty of things going on with our commute.
5:43 am
both sides of the tappan zee bridge. union county, essex county as well as morris county, let's show you that bqe. this problem, a tractor-trailer flipped up north bound over by the brooklyn battery tunnel, that's the tractor-trailer that flipped over, it's a budweiser truck. a lot of crews there. right lane getting through, you have a couple of lanes open and traffic jam so the southbound side not affected. let's go to our other shot of the gowanus. the hov lanes, you don't have any because that's one of the lanes blocked. traffic jammed all the way back to the belt merge and could build all the way back to the verrazano bridge now so you have this huge delay heading toward the bqe on the gowanus. trains running on or close to schedule. more good day coming right
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>>juliet: checking your top stories at 5:46. the parents of karina vetrano promising to find their daughter's killer.
5:47 am
i found that a park in howard beach, she hadbeen beaten and raped . >>carrie: delta airlines has grounded all its flights due to computer outages . flights already on the road are operating normally but those waiting to board are being delayed. in a tweet delta says thesystem is down quote, everywhere. >>juliet: donald trump set to deliver a big economic speech campaign manager calls a vision that the growth economic plan. lori clinton will address the group on thursday . >>juliet: a look at sports and now everybody is talking a rod . >> iwas there yesterday, he never said i'm retiring.e never said the word retire . >>juliet: what you take from that? >> he's being released. i think he still wants to play. he said yesterday that i want to play but the big news is, alex rodriguez will play his final game for the yankees on friday so that yankees will
5:48 am
will become a special advisor and instructor for the team starting next spring training and he will report directly to yankees general managing partner how stanley. the decisio made after howe broached the idea to a-rod last week. i've covered a-rod his entire yankee career, i was at the press conference yesterday and it was the most emotional i've ever seen him . >> i never thought i could play for 22 years. at 18, i just wanted to make the team. no athlete ever ends his career or her career the way you want to. we all want to keep playing forever. >> the yankees will pay him the remaining roughly $27 million on his contract but he will leave with unfinished business.
5:49 am
but he's not retiring, he's being released after friday night game and he said yesterday he still thinks he can play and they said yesterday as well that hey, a-rod has a right tochange his mind and the yankees won't stand in his way if you wants to play for another team. it won't shock me if hedoes . >>juliet: they still have to play him .>juliet: >> what that other team pays him will be prorated, taken off what the yankees if he makes $5000 from the marlins yankees only have to payhim 20,500,000 next year . >>carrie: that's a good deal, i take that deal. >> there was a game to play after the big news, yankees and indians wrapped up their three-game series. a-rod on the bench talking to starlin castro, he never did get into yesterday's game although we expect him to play in boston. the yankees will play a three-game series tomorrow night and gregarious goes deep. but the yankees up to nothing
5:50 am
mark continues to play well after announcing he will retire, doubled to left putting the acts of three - nothing. three - to the final score. meds out in detroit, looking to avoid this week. michael's back starting to come alive in the seventh. he broke a scoreless tie with his 11th home run of theyear, that gave the mess on - nothing lead. gail walker goes deep here . the former knife closer, deep, gone and the mets salvage the final game of the series. history made in denver yesterday afternoon, each euro tsuzuki and the miami marlins and with his triple he became the 30th player in major league baseball history to record 3000 hits, the first player from japan to do so.
5:51 am
was 27 years old. marlins won the game. jim furyk shoots a 58 at the travelerschampionship . a new record. >>carrie: islanders owners on the golden swimming. >> yes, very cool. >>carrie: thanks duke and coming up in the next hour we want to ask you where you think a-rod would go if he goes to another team. thanks duke. let's get it over to mike. >>mike: you know what caught my attention with the olympics? the men took golden air riflin . >>carrie: i saw that. didn't know that was a sport. >>mike: somebody's going to have to do research on that, please. now i'm curious. 84 degrees, that is your average high today, 69 is the average low, we drop down to 73
5:52 am
degrees right now. your points sitting at 57 degrees, humidity at 57 percent and it's a comfortable start around the northeast in general as cooler dry air is taking over. we got 61 in albany, the sky mainly clear and not much happening out there, looks like we will have another beautiful day with high pressure in control and really there's not much going on for the next couple of days but eventually another cold front will come through the northeast and bring us that's not happening for a couple days. high goes 87 today, 86 tomorrow then it gets warm and sticky with showers and storms coming wednesday all the way through next weekend . a bad stretch there. i know, i know. at least come and go here and there, not a washout all the way through. >>juliet: push that front, get that stall out of there. let's talk about the commute. somebody needs a tow truck on
5:53 am
new jersey commute doing fine, no problems on the turnpike and elizabeth there as well as 109. staten island, things doing fine but look at the gowanus. tractor-trailer flipped over. let's go to that.trailer flipped over on the bqe coming off the gowanus. looks like it pulled up that to truck.ight lane getting through but expect delays on the bqe by the brooklyn battery tunnel and causing delays back to the belt merge on the gowanus, could go to the verrazano bridge . as for the lincoln pillow, not too bad of a commute read all lanes subject to closure on the bqe. same goes for the holland and the george washington bridge, all open. we will be right back.
5:54 am
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>>juliet: hard to believe but it was two years ago this thursday that comedian robin williams committed suicide. >>carrie: hisdaughter zelma announced she will be taking a break from social media.obin williams found dead in his california home on august 11, 2014,his view was 62 years old. ella says she needs to more loss of her father privately. she tweeted, thus i will be excusing myself for abit. parts need a little break sometimes .>juliet: she dealtwith a lot of people writing horrible thingsabout robin williams committing
5:57 am
yourself a break . >>carrie: britney spears will be taking a break from her gig in las vegas . >>juliet: shewanted fans to know she's having a great time so she posted this on her instagram account . >> here's a glimpse of our ship in hawaii and i hope you guys like it . >> aloha . >>juliet: clearly the pop diva not shy about sharing her hawaiian vacation. she and her two boys look like they are having a good time enjoying some hawaiian snow cones and britneyseems to love eating hot dogs as well. the pop diva expected to be back in las vegas next week. at the box office,carry, tell us about it. >>carrie: suicide squad shut down the >> i want to build ateam of some bad people who i think can do some good . >> . >>carrie: the anti-superhero flick raked in $135 million, this is an all-star cast. the biggest opening ever for the month of august, easily outpacing guardians of the galaxies $94 million debut in 2014 and coming in second with 23 million, not demons spy sql jason board, secret life of pets for followed by star trek
5:58 am
>>juliet: lots of rich executives and actresses and actresses.e are a few minutes away from the top of the 6:00 hour. >>carrie: all your headlines, traffic and weather coming up next. introducing new olay eyes. a collection for the look of every eye concern. lift depuff brighten smooth or ultimately all of it. eyes express every emotion, not your age. new olay eyes.
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>>carrie: good morning everyon . >>juliet: facebook confusing this might be this morning. it's going to be warm todaybut less humid, mike woods has a complete forecast coming up . >> now it's the whole entire world >>carrie: a mother chilling and emotional message to her daughter's killer. here what karina vetrano's mom had to say, a live report


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